It can be difficult to choose a hairstyle that fits your face shape perfectly and makes you feel confident and beautiful. People often confuse heart shaped and V shaped (triangle), but they are not the same. In this article, you’ll find pro hair styling tips that will flatter your heart face shape and bring out its best features!

How to determine heart face shape?

heart face shape hair tips and tricks

A heart-shaped face usually has a wide, wide forehead and a narrow, pointed chin. You tend to have high cheekbones and big, lovely eyes. In short, the mid to upper part of your face is wider than the lower part of your face.

Wide forehead

Making up the widest part of the face, people with this face shape are known to have noticeably wider foreheads and hairlines. The majority of people with heart-shaped faces also have a widow’s crest, although you may still fall into this category even without one.

Wide cheekbones

People with heart-shaped faces have fuller and rounder cheekbones, giving them a cheerful appearance. Their cheekbones are also usually slightly higher than other face shapes.

Narrow jawline

Similar to the diamond face, the heart-shaped face has an angular jawline and a small pointed chin.

Focus point to get hairstyle for heart face shape

heart face shape hair tips and tricks

2.1 Should 

Now that you are aware of the characteristics of your heart shaped face, let’s discuss the hairdo options you should consider.

  • You need to draw attention away from your forehead as that makes your face look wider.
  • You need to highlight your cheekbones.
  • You need to choose a hairstyle that makes the lower half of the face look fuller, thereby drawing attention to it.
  • Go in style one length, long or short.
  • If you want layers, have them start low and around the jawline or shoulders so you can soften the narrow spot while taking advantage of the thick vertical line of a long strand around the forehead and cheekbones.
  • Bangs are the best way to draw attention away from your forehead. Whether it’s side-swept bangs, long straight bangs, or center-parted bangs, this is the right hairstyle for a heart-shaped face.
  • Dark or light highlights are suitable for heart-shaped faces and focus on the rest of the face.

2.2. Shouldn’t 

Wondering what not to do? Here are a few noteworthy things: 

  • A thick, cropped bang can easily make the narrow bottom half of a heart-shaped face look shorter.
  • Never ask for short bangs or overly short layers. Those styles will only accentuate the wider top half of the heart-shaped face.
  • The chin-length bob will be the least flattering, as it will hug the jawline.
  • One caveat when you wear bangs for a heart-shaped face is that you never want to combine them with a chin-length bob.
  • Round, square layers and beveled bobs are not ideal because they further round the face and narrow around the chin. 

Hairstyle for heart face shape

3.1. Color 

heart face shape hair tips and tricks

It’s best to choose a base color lighter than your natural color, with the generous help of bold accents. This will prevent you from looking too harsh. 

Try an ombre and sombre stain. The color should be darker at the base and lighter at the bottom. It gives the bottom half of your face a fuller look. The ombre can be any color combination you want. Just remember to leave most of your hair under your cheekbones.

3.2 Style 

heart face shape hair tips and tricks

For a heart shaped face, the main goal is to add height to elongate the face. A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Below, find the top stylist-approved hairstyles for heart-shaped faces.

Bob haircut 

Bob is the safest and sexiest haircut, great for both thin and thick hair. You can curl for an extra romantic touch or create a sleek effect by straightening it with a flat iron. The main thing is that it should be a chin-length bob or a shoulder-length bob – neither shorter or longer. Especially, make sure you choose the appropriate bangs. Long side-swept bangs or sparse bangs – it’s up to you and your stylist.

Long layered lob

Lob hair is ideal for faces with a heart shape because the length will draw less attention to the jawline and lengthen the face, bringing the face into balance. Enhance the long clavicle cut with deep side sections and shoulder cuts. Each feature draws emphasis from any potential asymmetry. Deep side sections work well for heart-shaped faces by shifting focus and adding softness.

The middle parted lob or straight lob covers the widest part of the heart-shaped face, helping to narrow the overall shape. Longer layers help balance features by striking below the widest part of the face (and closer to the slim jawline), while the collarbone length flatters the figure and draws focus down.

This lob with loose bangs can be the star of heart-shaped cuts. Long, side-swept bangs also help to visually narrow the width of the forehead.

Side-swept pixie 

Pixie hair is usually shorter in length than bob hair. It frames a large forehead to draw focus to the heart-shaped face and ends at chin level to draw attention to the pointed chin. This is one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. The pixie haircut with the side swept side part is sure to give your heart-shaped face an overbearing, edgy and independent look.

Loose waves 

Shoulder length curls styled using rollers (from mid-strand to tip) give your crown volume, volume and youthful look.

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Well, now you are a real expert in the field of hair of heart-shaped face! We hope that these tips and tricks will help you find the right hairstyle and hair color for your heart shape.