No need to layer on contour: hairstyles, colors and styles can completely transform your look, so much so that you can even create the illusion of a different face shape. In this article, you’ll get inspiring ideas for amazing hair tips and tricks for round face shape that can take to make it appear longer. 

1. How to determine round face shape? 

How to determine round face shape?

With the round face shape, the width of the face at the cheekbones and the length of the face are almost equal. They are larger than the forehead and jawline, about the same. The angle of the jaw is much softer and less defined than a square face. The chin is rounder than the oval face. In general, the round face shape is endowed with soft, gentle lines as well as fuller cheeks than most other face shapes.

2. Focus point to get hairstyle for round face shape 

Points-to-get-hairstyle-for round-face-shape
Points to get hairstyle for round face shape

2.1. Should 

When working with a round face shape, there are some hairdo options you should consider:

  • Hairstyles with height and fullness at the crown will create the illusion of a narrower face shape, especially short hairstyles.
  • Longer hairstyles or those that hug the cheeks and have no width look better.
  • The midsection is great for creating the illusion of narrow length.
  • No bangs are ideal as the focus point becomes the bridge of the nose, creating a more oval shape.
  • If fingers are used they should be smoothed sideways or, in the case of strong bangs, only if there is a significant height on the top.

2.2. Shouldn’t 

Wondering what not to do? Here are a few things should be avoid: 

  • Adding volume to the sides of the hair is a no-no for girls with round face shape.
  • Hairstyles that add bounce on the sides such as a chin-length bob, leave it straight or blown out in the design.
  • Heavy straight side sections and finger sections create a wider short shape and should therefore be avoided at all costs for hairstyles that do not have any height.

3. Hairstyle for round face shape

Hairstyles for round face shape

3.1. Hair color 

A dark contour around the face works great for creating the illusion of a more symmetrical oval shape. Low light suits round face shapes, but highlights can work just as well. Try a little low-light dye at the top of the hairstyle and only use highlights at the ends if you want your face to look longer.

Hair dyed golden blonde or dyed ombré in the middle creates the illusion of a longer oval face. Also, brown adds dimension and red gives a bold, glamorous look to round face shape.

3.2. Hairstyle 

Lob haircut 

Lob hair 6 inches below the chin will help your face have an even width and create balance. The eye is drawn to the vertical lines of the hair, and the hair literally covers your cheeks.

Long layers 

Anyone sticking to their long hair should consider adding layers. A cascading layer falling below the chin will appear diagonally and the eye will follow it downwards, which will create a stretched effect.

Pixie haircut 

The pixie haircut can be a great choice for round face shape as it adds height to the crown and helps elongate the face. Make sure to keep the top of the cut longer so as not to add too much volume to the sides. You can also opt for a pixie haircut with longer, bouncy layers to add texture and volume to the crown.

Side-swept bob 

This heavily swept bob makes the hairstyle look almost asymmetrical, which is a great way to draw attention away from the roundness of the face. The shorter layers are suitable for this length as it remains textured and massive as seen here.

The combination of side-swept bangs and bob will focus the eyes and draw attention horizontally, ensuring that the roundness of the face shape is not the main focal point.

Well, now you are a real expert in the field of haircuts and hairstyles for round face shape. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair and try something new, and you will find the perfect hairstyle for your round-shaped face. Follow these easy pro rules, change your look and show a beautiful new side of yourself!

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