Not everyone was born with naturally long and thick hair, therefore, hair extensions is the perfect solution for this problem. However, do hair extensions ruin your real hair? Read the article below and find the correct answer to your wonder!

1. Do hair extensions ruin your hair? The most common misconception

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

The right answer to “do hair extensions ruin your hair” is that hair extensions will not harm your hair provided they are properly fitted and cared for.

Hair extensions had a negative image in the past simply because there were few options. Nowadays, there are numerous hair extension alternatives that are gentle on the hair and cause no harm. When it comes to hair extensions, it is also critical to work with a professional technician who will precisely fit your new, beautiful locks. 

2. 7 other misconceptions about hair extensions

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

2.1. Hair extensions won’t blend in

This issue is just the result of an unskilled technician or someone attempting to use inexpensive extensions. You can be assured of a seamless blend if you hire an experienced specialist with a good reputation. During your consultation, your chosen professional will spend time learning about your hair and your specific needs. They will then color-match and prepare your extensions in time for your fitting session. To achieve natural results, each strand will be placed individually, following your hair patterning. 

2.2. Hair extensions tracks will show

Some hair extensions require a track. However, it is not necessary for it to be noticed. If you see someone with a visible track, it is almost clear that they are wearing clip-in extensions and have fitted them themselves. It’s also possible that their weft was placed too high on their head, making it visible. When placing any type of professional hair extensions, specialists will make certain that no tracks, bonds, or rings are visible. Extensions will be inserted carefully in the ‘safe zone,’ which is the lower part of the scalp. The ‘safe zone’ is below your brow line, which means there will be enough hair to hide the track.

2.3. Extra hair will give you a headaches

Hair extensions will not give you headaches, and if they do, it’s most likely because you’ve attached your clip-ins incorrectly or your extensions haven’t been fitted properly. Professionally fitted extensions, on the other hand, will be weighed and measured to ensure that the additional hair is as inconspicuous and comfortable as possible. 

2.4. Hair extensions tangle and are high maintenance

Your hair extensions will not tangle until you neglect to care for them, just like if you were dealing with actual hair. One of the most appealing aspects of wearing hair extensions is that they do not require professional salon care or maintenance. You can take care of your set yourself, just like you would your natural hair, to ensure the extensions last a long time. Because hair extensions aren’t attached to your scalp, they don’t get oily and hence don’t need to be washed as frequently.

2.5. Extra hair can be worn only for special occasions

Hair extensions are designed to make you look and feel your best every day, from special occasions to coffee runs. One of the main reasons why so many women across the world choose to use hair extensions every day is that they are simple to put on, comfortable enough to wear all day, and cause no damage when removed.

2.6. Hair extensions looks fake on me

Our hair extensions are created from human hair that is considered to be of the highest quality. This is due to the cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair, being intact and not peeled away. This, together with our extensive color and weight selection, will enable you to find a set of hair extensions that precisely complement your natural hair. It may take some effort to get your perfect blend in, but if you discover a color that matches and a set that blends in, you won’t have to worry about your hair extensions looking fake.

2.7. Hair extensions can use in one way

When you clip those extensions on, a variety of hairstyles will emerge. There are lots of options for styling your hair, whether you want to do an Ariana ponytail, attain ocean waves, or braid it like a true Disney princess. 

3. Top 4 least damaging hair extensions methods 

3.1. Tape-in

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

Tape-in hair extensions would be hard to harm your hair because the adhesive rests flat on your head. By sandwiching a tiny strip of your hair between two tape-ins, you can add volume and length to your hair. It works similarly to velcro, except it’s safer and gentler on your hair. 

3.2. Clip-in

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

Clip-in hair extensions are effortlessly clipped on and off with clips sewn to the base of the wefts whenever you want to wear or remove them. There is no need to strain your scalp by wearing them for any longer than necessary. Clip-ins are pleasant enough to wear for the few hours it takes to apply them till you return home after enjoying the gala.

3.3. Wig

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

The greatest thing about wigs is that, when worn correctly, compared to other extension methods, they harm your real hair the least. Wigs, as opposed to extensions, which attach to your natural strands, sit on top of your mane while it is in a protective hairstyle. You can even provide an extra layer of protection by wearing a wig cap. Wigs are recommended for anyone who is concerned about getting extensions that match the color and texture of their own hair.

3.4. Ponytail

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

This is a variation of clip-in hair extensions. It’s ideal for ponytails when you want your hair brushed smoothly away from your face. The clip-in pony is fixed with bobby pins on opposite sides and disguised with a portion of hair wrapped around the pony on your own pony tie. When you wear a ponytail hair extension, there’s not much room for you to damage your hair with this simple application procedure.

4. How to take care of hair extensions?

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

There are a few things you should keep in mind about taking care of hair extensions: 

1. Maintain clean hair. 

2. After bathing or swimming, make sure your hair is completely dry. 

3. Use brushes with delicate bristles. 

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, chlorine, and sea. 

5. Use conditioner on your hair extensions on a daily basis. 

6. Try not to wash your hair extensions on a daily basis. 

7. Before going to bed, fully dry your hair. 

8. Soak your hair extensions in the diluted wash water. 

9. Rinse your extensions with cool water.

We hope that with this article, you will not have to wonder about “do hair extensions ruin your hair” anymore and find the right way to take care of hair extensions.