Let’s get up to date with the trendy hair color this autumn with the article below. Maybe you will fall in love with platinum color which are the best color for spring 2023. But if you afraid that bleached hair may ruin you hair you can choose platinum hair extensions.

1. How to choose the best hair color for you

1.1. Based on skin tone

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

One of the most crucial factors in picking the ideal hair color is really the hue of your skin tone. The right color will complement your complexion and enhance its beauty, while the wrong one could make it appear lifeless and drab.

1.2. Based on eye color

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

Choosing a contrasting hair color is a way to emphasize and intensify your eye color. For instance, caramel or golden blonde tones will make your blue eyes appear even bluer. If they are green, you might look best with a fiery or delicate red shade.

1.3. Based on personal style

After deciding on a hair color that compliments your skin tone and eye color, you should think about your unique style because you are the expert in this area. Do you prefer to stand out or blend in? Do you need to be more courageous, or does your outfit speak for itself? Make sure the colors you select will give you confidence and make you feel yourself.

2. Best hair color for spring 2023

2.1. Platinum blonde

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

The platinum blonde trend from the ’90s will continue into the spring, along with plenty of warmed-up blondes. Platinum hair extensions provide a completely eye-catching contrast to the rich jewel and earth tones that frequently characterize the season’s trends.

2.2. Golden blonde

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

Spring hair color trends for blondes are all about adding a warm tone to hair color. Let’s try golden blonde to make the skin look fresher and restore shine to the hair. For a blonde appearance that is more natural, adding lowlights can add depth. We won’t reveal to anyone that your “natural blonde” isn’t really that natural, so don’t worry.

2.3. Honey blonde

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

Honey-blonde hair is the ideal blend of blonde and brown if you want to go a little darker for spring. This honey color is a neutral gold tone that conjures up all the warm autumnal hues (such as yellow foliage, golden apples, and mulled wine) without being overly bright or bland.

2.4. French Vanilla

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

French vanilla is the must-try-out hair color this spring of 2023. It has the ideal balance of warm and ashy tones for a blonde.

2.5. Copper

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

Copper hair can be a great choice for spring, with its tones evoking the hues of orange sunsets and the beautiful lighting of golden hour. Despite being a brighter shade, it can be adjusted to suit any skin tone and undertone.

2.6. Mocha Chocolate

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

Mocha Chocolate is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a more typical spring brunette. This classic brunette hue can complement a variety of complexion tones.

2.7. Toasted caramel

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

A toasted caramel hair color has a buttery, sun-kissed hue. Celebrities and professional stylists alike adore it because of the lovely golden undertones! Rich shades of red, blonde, and brunette are well-balanced with caramel hues. It also includes a little bit of everything, displaying a blend of everything in various lighting conditions.

3. How to get a platinum blonde hair color at home

Spring 2023: Platinum Hair Color Is Crowned

3.1. Supplies

You’ll need:

  • Powder bleach
  • 20 or 30 volume developer 
  • Toner 
  • Gloves
  • Bowl, measuring spoons, and mixing tool of some sort (Note: All must be made of plastic). 
  • Brush (optional; useful for performing roots).
  • Hair clips (optional; best for doing the hair roots).

3.2. 4 main steps to get a platinum blonde hair color at home

  • Step One: Preparation
    • Apply coconut oil to your hair the night before.
    • Put on your old clothing and drape a towel over your shoulders.
    • Wear your gloves.
    • Organize hair into four quadrants.
    • Combine developer and bleach.
  • Step Two: Application
    • Apply bleach to all hair areas (Note: apply bleach to the roots last).
    • Cover for 15 minutes and check color progress; if necessary, add 10 minute increments.
  • Step Three: Wash Bleach Out
    • Clean up the bleach with cool water.
    • Wash and condition.
    • Gently squeeze hair with a towel to remove surplus water.
  • Step Four: Tone Your Hair
    • Re-separate the hair into four quadrants and put on gloves and cover your shoulders with a towel.
    • Mix up developer and toner (if needed) and apply to the rear, then the front parts.
    • Cover the hair for 10 minutes. Up until the desired color is obtained, check every 10 minutes.
    • Shampoo, rinse, and condition.

If you find it hard to get platinum blonde hair at home, you can easily buy platinum hair extensions and then wear them. Besides, you can style platinum hair extensions as much as you want without the fear of damaging the hair. That could be wonderful!

The article above helps you catch up with the trendy hair colors for spring 2023 including platinum hair extensions which are the best color for spring 2023. Let’s contact us to obtain platinum hair extensions made from 100% human hair for yourself. We, Ankahair, promise that you will always achieve the ideal look when you use our hair extensions.