In recent years, tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions on the market because they are very fast and easy to use, light and almost invisible when they are flat on their heads. They are easy to install and look not bulky under your natural hair, making them the perfect choice for people with thinner hair. Here are things you need to know about the prolonged time of tape-in extensions and the tips will help you use them longer.

1. What is tape-in extensions?

how long do tape in hair extensions last

Tape-in extensions usually consist of one-inch wide hair that is stitched into the tape bands. They are stuck to your hair about an inch from your scalp and a back tape is glued to your natural hairpin between layers and glued to the connection hair. Hair extension tape does not require any special tools, chemicals or heat, less damaging hair than other hair types. They can be applied in less than an hour, so you can significantly reduce the time needed to get your perfect hair. After applying, the tape in the hair extension will blend naturally with your current hair to look seamless.

2. How long do tape-in extensions last?

how long do tape in hair extensions last

Similar to other hair extensions, adhesive tape can be made of synthetic hair and human hair or synthetic hair. To have the most natural appearance and feeling, human hair will be the best choice because the epidermis of the hair is intact, the hair is usually taken from a given person and all the epidermis is spinning. in the same direction. This allows the hair extension to be less tangled, tightened and tangled, while allowing you to create a more freelance hair connection than synthetic hair.

How long tape-in hair extensions last depends on several factors: the quality of the hair, the experience of the hair stylist, the care of the hair extensions and the regularity of reapplication procedures. On average, quality human hair should last you up to 1 – 3 years. By contrast, synthetic hair only exists for up to 1 – 3 months. However, both human hair and synthetic hair need to remove and lift the sticker for the hair roots after 3 – 4 weeks of use to ensure the most natural and most beautiful.

3. Tips to keep human hair tape-in extensions last longer

how long do tape in hair extensions last

3.1. How to install tape-in extensions

3.2. Tips For Your Clients With Tape-In Hair Extensions

Your hair care routine also affects the life of your adhesive tape extensions. The weft tape is semi-permanent. You can reuse them three to four times after changing the dressing, and during this time, you’ll be leaving them in your hair most of the time. So they need proper care to last a long time.

Here are some tips to prolong the life of your hair extensions with tape:

Hair extensions need to be taken care of with safe products

You need to pay more attention to your regular hair care regimen, for example. Using safe, premium hair care products is one of the basic measures you can take. Wash your extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid affecting the stickiness of the adhesive. Be gentle when washing your hair so you don’t rub the extensions too hard. When using any heating tool to style your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant spray and never use a hot iron on the tape pieces.

Care for your extensions while you sleep

Care during sleep is also important for the longevity of your extensions. Your extensions may be messed up, which can further complicate matters if not taken care of properly. So, before you go to bed, brush your hair, then braid, bun, or tie it in a ponytail. If you’ve done that and your hair is still tangled, try using a silk pillowcase. This will definitely prevent tangled hair.

Comb your bandages into hair extensions properly

While combing your hair may seem like a simple, mundane task, it’s actually a lot more complicated than you might think. This is especially true when wearing bandages in hair extensions. Here are a few things to remember the next time you brush the tape in tresses:

  • Brush your extensions at least twice a day (morning and night).
  • Brush your hair before showering because it becomes weaker when wet. It also helps to get rid of any tangles which will make it easier to shower.
  • Remember to always brush from the bottom up to prevent tangles, pulling, and tension.

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