Be stuck in doubt all about bone straight hair like how to choose real bone straight hair, whether can it be curled or how long it lasts, and so on.  Don’t worry, Ankahair will answer all your concerns about bone straight hair. Let’s go!

1. Why bone straight hair is the favorite choice of many women all over the world?

Although the straightness of bone straight hair is made from heat, it still keeps a silky, soft, and shiny texture. This advantage is the reason why women around the world choose bone straight hair as their favorite style.

2. Can bone straight hair be curled and get wavy?

Be not able to tell you if it can or can’t be curled for sure.

It may not be curled because bone straight hair has super straightness when styled, it will flatten and turn back to the original shape if you curl it and you can’t have the curly hairstyle you want.

Maybe bone straight hair can be curled or get naturally wavy for a longer time by professional processing. It is important to keep hair wavy and you need to use specialized tools and do it step-by-step carefully. Firstly, you need to wash your bone straight hair with shampoo. And then rinse out all the shampoo with water. The next step is spreading the conditioner on the end of your hair and staying it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off. The decisive step in the process of making natural wavy hair is spinning the hair with the washing machine for about 5 minutes to break the bone straight structure. Finally, leave hair outdoors until dry and get new wavy hair. Explore the process more through this video.

In some cases like going on the stage or to a party, if you want to fashion bone-straight hair, curl or get wavy, use some non-professional tools at home like curling irons to style your hair and hairspray or gel to keep that style. But you just keep it for a short time. It is best if you want to create many hairstyles, you should buy natural straight or natural wavy, it will be easier to shape and style.

Can bone straight hair be curled and get wavy?
Can bone straight hair be curled and get wavy?

3. Can I color the bone straight?

It can be colored. The important thing is using professional products and seeking the guidance of a hairstylist to get bone-straight hair colored.

4. Does bone straight hair tangle?

The outstanding characteristics of bone straight hair are smooth and silky so that it does not tangle easily. If your bone straight hair tangles up quickly, believe me, you have already bought a fake bone straight hair extension.

5. How long does bone straight last?

It’s up to the original hair types. If bone straight hair is made from remy hair, it lasts only 1-1,5 years. With virgin raw donors, it lasts longer 1,5-2 years. Bone straight hair from thin baby hair can last 2-2.5 years. The longevity is also up to how often you use it and how you take care of it carefully or not.

6. When do I need to wash bone straight hair?

When you see the bone straight hair too dirty and not shiny like before or so dry, clean and make it soft, and shiny again.

7. How to wash bone straight hair?

Don’t use hot water!!! You should use warm and cool water. Use conditioner to get bone straight hair clean and make it soft and shiny. To learn step-by-step how to wash bone straight hair carefully, watch our video how to wash bone straight hair extension.

8. Can I swim with bone straight hair?

Swimming with bone straight hair is possible, but it’s important to protect the hair from chlorine or saltwater, which can potentially damage the straightened texture. Consider wearing a swim cap and rinsing the hair with fresh water before and after swimming to minimize the impact of pool or ocean water.

9. Can I sleep with bone straight hair?

One of the best ways to keep your bone straight hair while you sleep is to wrap your hair at night in a silk or satin scarf. Or maybe you can sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or keep your bedroom cool.

10. Why your bone straight hair is tangled?

Your bone straight hair will be tangled is unavoidable. It’s necessary to properly comb it. You should comb your bone straight hair’s tail and move up to the hairline. The bone straight hair might get tangled if you don’t know how to care for it.

Don’t forget to nurturing your bone straight frequently

11. How to distinguish fake and real bone straight hair?

You can test it by many methods:

– Observing: Real hair has a natural shine, fake one looks dull or matte. Use hand touch and run through the hair, if it feels soft and silky, it is real hair, or if it feels rough and synthetic, it’s fake.

– Burning test: get a small strand of hair burned, if it smells like burning plastic, it’s exactly not real. If the hair smells like burning hair, it’s real human hair.

– Tangling test: real hair is smooth and doesn’t tangle easily, fake hair is rough and easily tangles.

– Looking for a reputable brand or supplying real bone straight hair.

12. How to differentiate Bone straight hair from Natural straight hair?

Bone straight hair is straightened by using warmth and chemicals to make the shiny and smooth feeling. Just brushing can make it smooth, silky, and soft, even not washing it. On the other hand, natural straight hair is straight naturally, but when you wash or meet the wind, it turns wavy, and you need to put some oil on it to make it shinier and softer.To get a clearer and more lively answer to this question, let’s watch our video How Are Natural Straight and Bone Straight Different?

13. What color of bone straight hair you should try?

If you’re bored with black hair, you can refer to some unique colors likeOmbre blondeOmbre Ash Dark Root,Ginger, and Pink Dark Roots. Click here to see more colors.

14. Why bone straight hair which I get from an online order is straight but has some creases in the middle or the end of the hair?

When packaging, the box needs to be as long as the length of the hair, do not fold the hair. If fold your hair, the bone straight hair will be damaged and need to be repaired. With this drawback, when you receive bone straight hair, you need to straighten it again by washing hair and using a hair straightener step-by-step.

15. Which country has the best bone straight hair?

Vietnam is the best choice for the bone straight hair market. Thanks to its naturalness, durability, and reasonable prices, Vietnamese bone straight hair is one of the best hair products on the hair market all over the world.

Anka Hair is one of the best factories in Vietnam for anyone looking for bone straight hair from 100% Vietnamese human hair and many other high-quality hair items. See us more at Ankahair.

which country has the best bone straight hair
Which country has the best bone straight hair