There are tons of different types of hair in the hair industry. Each hair has its own uniqueness. Their features are based on geography, nutrition,… Let’s scroll through 2 popular hair types in the industry Peruvian hair and Vietnamese hair. They have differences but at the same time their qualifications are similar in various ways. They are both great options for thin hair. Follow Anka Hair to learn more about the reasons behind this fact. 

What is Peruvian hair?

What is Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is also known as multipurpose hair. It comes from Peru, a country in  the West of South America. The hair is naturally either light or dark brown and is well known for its thickness, coarseness as they are mostly collected from remote villages in the country. However, donors here are pretty scared since the country doesn’t have such a high population. In addition, the occupants of the country include a mix of both Indians and Spanish immigrants. The hair can be straight wavy and sometimes curly.


What is Peruvian hair

Commonly, there are 3 types of Peruvian hair in the market including straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. 

  • Peruvian straight hair

It is said that straight hair is one of the strongest hair bundles in the hair industry due to its thickness feature.. Along with its natural-looking hair that tends to blend in with almost all hair types. This type of hair maintains great durability and comes in various lengths. The hair is lovely and long-lasting, with a lot of luster and gloss and easy to style since Peruvian straight hair can attain whatever appearance you want.  

  • Peruvian wavy hair

Wavy hair has a beautiful natural wavy texture, really suitable for wavy hair women. The hair is a low-maintenance hair that offers you the versatility to style it as you wish. Compared with Brazilian hair, while the two hairs are all thick and full, Peruvian wavy hair has deeper curls and coarser than the other one. 

  • Peruvian curly hair

Curly hair maintains a medium-lasting curl however it curls nicely and it will further curl even when it’s still wet. It comes in various colors but one thing you should know is that they are taken from a features single donor. They are tangle and shed resistant. It further remains soft and gorgeous. When you are wearing curly hair, wear just a few bundles. Too many bundles will look unnatural.

Vietnamese hair vs Peruvian hair

You can learn more about Vietnamese hair – Vietnam hair is the best hair – is this a real reputation?

Overall, Vietnamese hair and Peruvian hair have some same pros as they are both very silky and long-lasting, natural looks especially because they are all processed by modern technology. But there are some differences between these two  high premium quality hair.

  1. Hair texture: Peruvian hair in general tends to be thicker and a bit drier than Vietnamese hair. Not only Peruvian but Vietnamese hair is made to blend in naturally with American-African black women.
  2. Quality: Not only Vietnamese hair is already in great quality at its raw, therefore requires less processing but it is also highly skilled with many years of experience, they are able to process hair in a short time. This helps reduce production costs and make the prices more affordable.  
  3. Price: Since Peruvian hair is pretty scarce in the market compared to Vietnamese hair where the market’s availability is quite high with natural care, the hair is a bit higher than Vietnamese hair.

The hair is by the day earning the trust of many around the globe especially because it suits both Caucasian hair and afro descent hair. It looks so natural that unless someone knows hair extensions well, they won’t know it’s not your natural hair. The hair quality is improving everyday, not only is it comfy but it’s also natural, lustrous, silky and light. Each hair type has its unique characteristics that you may use to determine which one is best for you. If you’re interested in purchasing 100% Vietnamese virgin hair, contact Anka Hair for more information here.