Nigeria, a country celebrated for its cultural diversity and vibrant traditions, hosts a thriving hair industry that continues to evolve. From traditional styles to the latest global trends, Nigeria’s hair markets play a crucial role in meeting the diverse demands of its populace. Join us as we unveil the Top 10 biggest hair markets in Nigeria, where the tapestry of beauty and commerce unfolds on a grand scale. 

I. Overview of the hair industry in Nigeria:

1. Brief overview of the hair industry in Nigeria:

In recent years, the hair industry in Nigeria has experienced substantial expansion, marking impressive growth. The industry’s growth is evident, propelled by factors such as the adoption of dropshipping, streamlined logistics, and increased internet usage fueled by sponsorships and celebrity endorsements. Underscoring the nation’s enthusiasm for the hair sector, Nigeria secured a position among the top 15 global importers of hair extensions in 2020. The hair care industry’s valuation in Nigeria escalated from N116.4 billion in 2017 to an impressive N457 billion by 2019.

2. The importance of hair markets in Nigeria:

Hair styling is an essential part of Nigerian culture and identity.  For almost all Nigerians and Africans, investing in personal appearance is considered good business. Moreover, African women suppose their hair is a symbol of regality, leading them to dedicate significant effort to hairstyling. Based on some reports the amount of money spent on waves, human hair wigs, and hair extensions across the continent has hit billions mark and is still growing rapidly.

The strong demand for human hair and wigs has turned the business of making and selling them into a profitable venture. Yet, getting into the hair business isn’t a walk in the park due to tough competition in terms of prices, taxes, and product quality.

But don’t worry! Whether you’re an individual buyer looking for hair or a seller aiming for wholesale prices, you can find reliable options. Check out the list below for the top 10 biggest hair markets in Nigeria.

II. Top 10 biggest hair market in Nigeria:

1. Balogun Market, Marine, Lagos:

Situated in Lagos, the most populous city in Africa, Balogun Market stands as a comprehensive marketplace offering a wide array of goods at budget-friendly prices. Each day, the market draws a considerable number of locals, shoppers, and visitors not only from Lagos but also from various regions across Nigeria.

When focusing on hair and related products, Balogun Market emerges as an ideal destination. The market’s landscape is dotted with bulk traders and small family businesses, presenting an extensive range of both processed and untreated hair items. Hair from a bulk merchant in Balogun Market is flexible to choose from the selection of designs. Besides, customers can place orders and make specific requests tailored to their needs and standards.

Balogun Market, Marine, Lagos

2. Oyingbo Market, Lagos:

Located on Lagos between the island and the mainland, is the oldest market with the starting point for trading food. The market daily imports a lot of fruit by road from northern Nigeria and also supplies honey, herbs, and materials. Oyingbo Market is renowned not only for its diverse clothing and textile section but also for its extensive range of fabrics catering to both men and women. Additionally, it serves as a significant center for second-hand clothing, with traders importing bales of used garments from Europe and America for resale. 

Besides, this place has expanded by purchasing many other important items, including wigs. The main suppliers of the wig to shops in the Oyingbo market are from Vietnam. You can be pleased with the shine and high quality of your hair. Most of the merchants can speak English. That helps this old market connect to tourists and international traders.

Oyingbo Market, Lagos

3. Idumota Market, Lagos Island, Lagos:

Idumota Market is located on Lagos Island, near the government zone of Lagos State. It is one of the biggest markets in West Africa, as known as Eko. They are renowned for the greatest market holding the greatest accumulation of assortment such as material, inside stylistic layout, jewelries, shoes, sacks,…

For those in Lagos seeking wigs without venturing too far from the city center, Idumota Market is an ideal destination. As one of the oldest markets in Lagos, it has a reputation for offering hair products known for their smooth texture and reusability. Moreover, many merchants in this market provide products designed to withstand heat and chemical styling, allowing you to refresh your appearance with ease. Moreover, these are places where you can discover products that not only maintain their beauty but also come at the most affordable prices, making it a convenient choice for those looking for both quality and affordability.

Idumota Market, Lagos Island, Lagos

4. Onitsha Main Market, Anambra:

Known as A Nexus of Trade and Cultural Interchange, Onitsha Main Market is situated in the dynamic commercial heart of Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria, the renowned Onitsha Main Market stands as not just Nigeria’s largest market but also the most extensive in West Africa.

Onitsha Main Market functions as a treasure trove of commerce, offering a diverse range of goods, including textiles, electronics, foodstuffs, and footwear. Among its abundant offerings, one prominent category is wigs. At wholesale rates, the Onitsha market presents untreated human hair samples sourced from Brazil and India. Some stalls also feature products like fluff and non-Remy feathers, which, despite undergoing treatment and styling, maintain a quality worth considering.

Beyond wigs, the Onitsha market stands out as a hub for those seeking hair-related accessories. Here, you’ll find forehead lace patterns, tight lace, synthetic wigs, and a range of other accessories. Specifically, if you seek untreated hair free from heat or chemical treatments, the stores in Anambra are sure to meet your expectations. 

Onitsha Main Market, Anambra

5. Ariaria International Market, Aba, Abia:

Known as one of the biggest hair markets in Africa, located in Abia. In the early days, the Ariaria market faced limited appreciation due to the prevalence of low-quality imitations of foreign products, encompassing items like clothes, shoes, bags, and electronics. 

Presently, Ariaria Market is synonymous with the labels “made in Aba” and “made in Nigeria” with a noteworthy enhancement in the quality of its goods. Particularly in the domain of hair, the Ariaria market is hailed for sourcing 100% pure natural hair without one-way cuticle treatment. Many distributors here confidently offer long-lasting products that endure styling, heat, and chemical treatments.

Ariaria’s competitive pricing further solidifies its standing as one of the top 10 markets for hair purchases in Nigeria. For anyone aspiring to venture into the hair business in Nigeria, exploring wholesale hair shops at Ariaria proves to be an ideal choice.

Ariaria International Market, Aba, Abia

6. Tejuosho Market, Yaba;

Tejuosho Market stands out not only for its immaculate and contemporary shopping environment but also for its vast array of goods, encompassing curtains, clothing, jewelry, and hair.

For those particularly interested in hair, Tejuosho Market proves to be a delightful destination. Hair wholesalers here specialize in delivering top-quality products sourced from reputable channels. Going beyond quality, manufacturers consistently strive to optimize cost-effectiveness, making wigs more accessible to users. If you are contemplating entering this market, exploring the shops in Tejuosho will undoubtedly be advantageous.

Tejuosho Market, Yaba

7. Alaba International Market, Lagos

Alaba International Market stands out as one of the most well-organized electronics markets in Africa and is considered one of the premier markets in Lagos. Located in Alaba, Ojo, this market enjoys widespread popularity within the state and attracts traders not only from neighboring states but also from other cities, justifying its international market status.

Alaba is equally celebrated as one of the most expansive markets for hair distribution. Proudly standing as the largest original hair market in Nigeria and South Africa, Alaba has achieved this distinction with its substantial supply of high-quality hair sourced from countries like India and Vietnam.

The success of Alaba’s hair market is intricately tied to the donors in these countries, who frequently possess long, straight hair and tend to abstain from styling their hair with heat or chemicals. This unique sourcing strategy ensures that the hair supply at Alaba International Market is synonymous with quality assurance, aesthetics, and durability.

Alaba International Market, Lagos

8. Computer Village, Lagos

Situated in Ikeja, Computer Village stands as the largest technology goods market in Nigeria and Africa. Dominated by a multitude of shops, the market specializes in the sale of phones, laptops, phone accessories, phone repairs, and the activation of SIM cards.

Computer Village in Lagos has also become a significant destination for hair and beauty products. It showcases the intersection of technology and style, with vendors offering a variety of hair care solutions. 

Every day, Computer Village draws in over 100,000 visitors, solidifying its status as one of Lagos’ most bustling markets. Additionally, a community of skilled technicians is on hand to offer repair and maintenance services for various gadgets and appliances.

Computer Village, Lagos

9. Kurmi market, Kano

Jankara Market is renowned for its diverse range of offerings, spanning fabrics, beads, jewelry, pottery, and notably, wigs.

Whether you seek untreated or pre-styled hair, the vendors at Jankara Market boast an extensive selection of top-notch products. This market gives hair and hair products with current trends and technologies, Jankara’s merchants consistently deliver products featuring the latest styles, staying ahead of fashion trends.

Explore a plethora of styles and designs at Jankara, including wigs, lace wigs, Senegalese or box braided lace wigs, and Remi hair – a delightful surprise awaits you in their stores.

Kurmi market, Kano

10. Trade Fair Complex, Lagos

Found in Ojo, the Trade Fair Complex serves as the convergence point for local commerce and global trade. If you run an e-commerce business or engage in dropshipping, this market is essential to explore, offering a diverse array of products at economical prices. Whether you’re in search of cosmetics, skincare items, hair extensions, or jewelry, the Trade Fair Complex has nearly everything you could require.

Trade Fair Complex, Lagos

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