If you are looking for unprocessed virgin hair that is in good quality, natural and smooth but likely to pay an affordable price, remy hair is your solution. Do not worry if the term confuses you. Remy hair is not as complicated as it seemed on the internet. In fact, after reading this, you will have a clear vision of remy hair and how it becomes a favourite high quality hair extension for everyone. 

The definition

What is remy hair

Remy hair is also real human hair that is collected from 2 or 3 donors. Hair strands are equal at top with hair cuticles aligned and are in the same direction from root to tip just like the hair growing naturally from your scalp. However, since it was originally from different people’s hair, hair strands are different in texture. This, in fact, is no obstacle since you can do almost everything with remy hair yet the cost is much less and affordable. 

Remy hair vs non-remy

Remy hair is much shinier, healthier and smoother than non-remy hair. Unlike remy, non-remy hair often has cuticles in different directions. This means some cuticles are from root to tip, some are upside down, causing the hair easier to get tangled and could not be as smooth as remy hair. In order to reduce cuticles rubbing against each other and causing tangled hair, producers have to strip cuticles away completely or coated each hair strand with chemicals. This, as a matter of fact, makes non-remy hair even more dry and unnatural. 

What does remy hair look like?

Remy hair looks as natural as you want it to be. Remy hair is soft to touch and looks shiny, healthy. The hair is smooth so you will be able to brush from root to tip effortlessly. Check out Anka Hair product lists HERE to experience Vietnamese human hair and different types of remy hair we offer. 

What makes remy hair different?

Cuticles are important to the hair since they are the protector of the hair core, preventing moisture loss. If cuticles are stripped, the core of the hair is likely to be damaged just by washing, brushing, blow dryer or hair styling. This is the reason why remy hair, with cuticles mostly intact and unidirectional, is favoured and used widely. With remy hair, you will be able to wash, cut, style and curl as you may do to your natural hair. Its shiny, smooth and silky appearance will bring you the natural hair everyone desires. You may wonder: “Can remy hair be dyed?”. The answer is Yes, the color range is wide. There is no limitation no matter what color you may want to have, from purple to green or orange and red. However, remy hair is collected from two or three people and each has different hair structure, meaning different processing time. This results in remy hair’s inability of being bleached to blonde color (60A and 613)

The use

Remy hair, as a good quality kind of hair, is used in making hair extensions or closures, frontals, remy human hair wigs and weft hair bundles. Choosing a suitable hair extension or wig is never easy but with one that is made out of remy hair, you can leave all worries behind. 

At Anka Hair, we provide various kinds of remy hair extensions, closures, frontals and wigs or remy weft hair bundles to satisfy all your needs. Do you want your hair to have a fancy burgundy, red or chocolate color? Do you want strong, healthy hair to go through different kinds of heated tools? If that’s the case, remy hair is definitely the best choice. However, if you fancy a bright, colorful, trendy shade, check out our premium quality single donor hair extension HERE!