If you are going to have a wig and in need of a closure or frontal to complete the look but the concept of closure definition, lace frontal, HD frontal or HD lace closure, etc. are complicated enough that make it hard to decide, leave it to us! We are here to provide useful information about lace frontals and lace closures and how to help you have the most natural wig! 

I, What are lace closures and lace frontals?

Lace closures and lace frontals are pieces of hair hand-crocheted to pieces of lace which can blend perfectly to your real scalp to create an illusion as though the hair is growing from it naturally. Closures and frontals are normally used with weft hair or weave to make a complete wig. That’s why you may hear about “quick weave with closure” or “lace closure wig” – meaning a weave/wig that comes along with a closure/frontal. 

1.Lace closures

Lace closures are available in various dimensions including 2×4, 2×6, 4×4, 4.5×5.5, 5×5, 5.5×5.5, 7×4, 6×6, 7×6, 8×4 (inches). Closures are often used on the front top of your head and provide less coverage.

2.Lace frontals

Lace frontals are available in 13×4, 13×5 and 13×6 inches, covering from ear to ear, making the hairline look natural and easier to style.  

II, Which kind of lace is the best?  

Choosing the lace’s material and color so that it blends perfectly with your skin and makes it look like the hair is really growing from the scalp is in fact the key to success here.

1.Swiss lace

Swiss lace
Swiss lace

Swiss lace is one of the most popular types that is used for wigs, closures and frontals. It is soft, easy to apply and very breathable, your scalp is completely comfortable underneath. However, since Swiss lace is quite thin, it is less durable and easier to be torn if handled carelessly. Swiss lace is also expensive and not affordable to many customers.

2.HD lace

HD lace

HD lace is the most popular material. It has all the good qualities of Swiss lace and is softer and more durable. It is likely to become invisible after applying and make your hairline more natural than ever. 

3.Why Korean HD lace is prefered at Anka Hair

HD Korean Lace
HD Korean Lace

Anka Hair chooses Korean HD lace to make wigs, closures and frontals since the thickness is precisely suitable. It is the material that combines all qualities needed for a functional lace:

  • Korean HD lace is durable and flexible. It can conceal perfectly the sew-in lines of your wig.
  • Korean HD lace comes in different colors including transparent, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, allowing it to blend easily with any skin tones.
  • Korean HD lace can melt invisibly to your skin tone even without using glue, making your scalp look super natural.
  • Korean HD lace is breathable. Your scalp and natural hair are sealed comfortably under the wig. 
  • Korean HD lace comes at an affordable price but the outcome is amazing.

III, What can lace closures and lace frontals do?

After getting to know lace closures and frontals, you may have an overview of what closures and frontals can do. Normally, a lace closure or a lace frontal is not used alone. People who want to refresh their looks often choose a wig that is made from weft hair and a closure or a frontal. Depending on the kind of wig, it will be sewn into your natural hair or put directly on top of your head. Lace frontals and lace closures are there to make the hairline look more natural.  

Lace frontals, with the width of 13 inches – equal to the distance from ear to ear, can provide perfect coverage and a super natural hairline. All sew-in lines disappear, the scalp looks natural and the hairline is exactly like your real one. Moreover, with lace frontals, you can also try any style you want for your hair. You can part your hair at the center, at one side or take it all in a ponytail. 

Lace closures are for a different purpose. With the width of only 2 to 8 inches, lace closures can only cover part of your head. You may see this as a limitation. However, this feature actually gives you more options. Lace closures are available in 3 types: The free part, middle part and three parts. While the middle part closures give you just one way to style, the three part closures allow you to part your hair in three different ways, and the free part closures let you part your hair whatever style you want. 

IV, The key to a natural hair 

The combination of weft hair and a lace frontal or a lace closure has been proved by many customers to be the best wig for a natural hair style. In spite of the fact that they are just add-on, lace closures and lace frontals really can complete the look of a wig, form a perfect hairline and give a feeling of scalp so real that can hardly be detected. 

If you decide to have a lace frontal or a lace closure together with a wig, Anka Hair is the place to start. We provide closures and frontals which are made of premium virgin hair or high quality remy hair with 4 different colors of Korean HD lace that can surely satisfy all your needs. If you want to have the best coverage and the ability to customize your hairstyle more, get lace frontals. If you just need to cover parts of your wig and have naturally parted hair, one of our three types of lace closures may be yours. Click HERE to explore what is best for you!

100% human hair wig
100% human hair wig