People who are new to the hair industry, or even people who are not so new are often confused by different types of hair, especially when it comes to the highest quality of all: Virgin hair. That’s why not only customers but sometimes even vendors can be victims of the “100% virgin hair” trap and end up paying a fortune to get a fake one. 

You DO NOT have to be the next victim! Here’s everything you need to know about virgin hair. After this, you are going to be a “Virgin hair expert” and never fall for the seller’s scam again!

I, What is virgin hair

You may have heard the term before though you might not be quite sure what it is. Virgin hair, also known as pure virgin hair, is untouched human hair that has never been processed in any way. It has never been through treatment, permed, dyed or bleached. Besides, virgin hair is collected from one single donor only. Its cuticles are intact and all run in the same direction. 

The characteristics

The only way to be sure you get the real virgin hair is to look closely at its characteristics. Now, as a professional on this hair market for over ten years, Anka Hair will not only bring you the best quality virgin hair but also give you the chance to dig a little deeper into the world of the most wanted hair type. 

II, What does virgin hair look like?

Virgin hair is the hair that remains intact and has never been processed by any means. In fact, if well taken care, the hair has everything of an original human hair. It has a natural shiny outlook with cuticles all run in the same direction making the hair smooth and silky. At Anka Hair, you can find virgin hair bulk that is collected from the finest Vietnamese’s hair, no tangle, no shedding, no split-end and definitely un-processed.

III, What makes virgin hair so unique?

  • Virgin hair is collected from one donor only. That’s why all hair strands are in the same condition and can blend naturally with your own hair.
  • Virgin hair has never been permed, dyed, bleached or even exposed to any kind of heated tools. Therefore, it will be easier for you to do whatever you want. Style, curl, bleach or dye, you name it and your hair stylist can do it all on a virgin hair weft extension. 
  • Virgin hair is super healthy and can last 3-4 years with proper care.
  • Virgin hair requires low maintenance, you can take good care of it just by doing what you normally do with your own natural hair.

IV, The classification

Pure virgin hair
Hair that is collected from an adult
Unprocessed, no permed, dyed or bleached
Soft, silky and smooth

Baby thin hair
Hair that is collected from children
Unprocessed, no permed, dyed or bleached
Super soft, silky and smooth since it has barely been used with shampoo/ conditioner or affected by pollution/humidity. 

Both pure virgin hair and baby hair (also called baby thin hair) are smooth and healthy. However, baby hair may be more precious because it is often less exposed to environmental impacts such as humidity, smoke and pollution or barely in contact with shampoo or conditioner. Baby hair, therefore, is the most natural, untouched kind of hair which is ideal for a perfect hair extension or wig. 

V, How to distinguish virgin hair

There is vairious quality of hair but this video will set a light for you to know the difference of virgin high quality single donor.

VI, The use

In the hair market, virgin hair may be used to make hair extensions, closure, frontal, wigs and weft hair bundles. Each will help customers to solve specific problems with their hair. If you are considering hair extensions or wigs that are made out of virgin hair, you can have an ease of mind since this is the highest quality of all. You can choose whatever style to do, pick whatever color to dye. So if you are into a color trend this season or simply just want to try out ombre on your hair, go for it! With virgin hair, the sky is your limit. Just remember to choose a reliable supplier/producer and make sure you are getting the real virgin hair. 

As an unprocessed hair bundles wholesale, Anka Hair provides the best quality virgin hair weft bundles collected from Vietnamese human hair with hair cuticles aligned in all forms and sizes you need to make the perfect hair you’ve always been dreaming of. Click to explore HERE!