Since the beginning, there has been a never-ending debate about the quality and usefulness of two types of hair extensions: Synthetic hair and human hair. To be fair, each type has its own advantages and can meet the demands of a particular group’s preference. While human hair is becoming more and more popular, there is a new type of hair on the market that seems to be helping to regain a bit of credibility for synthetic hair: Human hair blend. Also real hair, but blended with artificial hair. It sounds very interesting and attractive, but is human hair blend worth a try? Let’s see!

I.What is human hair blend?

1. Definition

Human hair blend is a mix of real human hair and synthetic hair in proportions that can be different depending on the manufacturers. Usually the ratio will be 70% human hair, 30% synthetic hair, or 50% human hair and 50% synthetic hair. Normally, the hair is treated and processed in a way that can help human hair and synthetic hair blend together naturally.

2. What does a human hair blend wig/extension look like?

The combination of human hair and synthetic hair is supposed to make the hair extension more durable and versatile. At its best, a human hair blend wig or extension can give you the best of both human and synthetic hair. It has the soft and natural look of human hair as well as the ability to hold the style longer just like synthetic hair. This way, you only have to pay half of a human hair wig

II. Human hair blend pros and cons

If you only read this far, you will think that human hair blend is the ideal hair type and you are ready to buy a human hair blend wig right away. However, when you combine real human hair and synthetic hair, you don’t just get all the advantages. In fact, all the disadvantages of both types will also gather here.

1. Pros

  • Human hair blend wigs or extensions hold the style longer. Everyone knows that human hair is easy to style and curl, but in terms of holding styles, synthetic hair is superior. In fact, manufacturers often use heat friendly synthetic hair which can not only be heat-styled but also can hold it for a long time. This property also helps synthetic hair hold even the human hair locks and make your hairstyle last longer. However, after using for a certain period of time, the curls will also return to their natural straight state and cannot be re-curled.
  • Human hair blend is lightweight. Real human hair strands are always heavier because it contains many layers of cuticle and different components. That’s why comparing 2 bundles of human and synthetic hair at the same length, the human hair bundle always weighs more than the synthetic hair bundle. Now if you combine synthetic hair and human hair into one human hair blend wig, you will probably notice the lightweight and comfortable feeling it gives you. 
  • Human hair blend costs less. Human hair has better quality so its price is much higher than that of synthetic hair. Even if the manufacturer uses heat-friendly synthetic hair – which costs a bit more, human hair blend is not as pricey as human hair. It means you can get a relatively high quality wig/extension at half of a price a human hair one may cost. 

2. Cons

  • Human hair blend can not be bleached or dyed

Human hair has a special structure with layers of cuticles, so it has the ability to react to external factors in a different way than synthetic hair. This is obvious when it comes to dyeing or bleaching hair. Human hair, especially virgin hair, can be bleached to blonde, and when dyed to any color, it will also be more accurate and vibrant. 

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, can not do the same. Since it is only a collection of fake hair strands which are made from artificial materials, it is almost impossible for synthetic hair to be bleached or dyed to the same color with human hair. 

The differences in textures and structures of human hair and synthetic hair resulting in different processing time make it impossible for human hair blend to be bleached or dyed. Therefore, if you use a human hair blend wig, you have to stick to the initial color until the end. 

  • Human hair and synthetic hair have different lifespan

Not only have different lifespans, human hair and synthetic hair also age in different ways. With proper care, human hair wigs often last longer with the average of 2-3 years while synthetic hair only lasts for up to 6 months. Therefore, while human hair still looks healthy, soft, elastic and shiny, artificial hair strands are worn out, dry and tangled a lot. 

In addition, human hair and synthetic hair are affected by external physical factors in different ways. Under the sun, smoke, pollutants or strong wind, synthetic hair tends to be more dry and frizzy because the hair is no longer covered by the cuticles. This difference will be very visible in a human hair blend wig when the human hair will be shiny and softer than the synthetic hair.

  • Maintaining human hair blend wig is difficult

As mentioned above, human hair and synthetic hair are made from two types of fibers which are different in structures, textures and ability to dye or bleach. That’s why it is very difficult to maintain a human hair blend wig which is the combination of the two types. You may be confused about which to choose: Taking care of it as a human hair wig or as a synthetic hair wig? Whatever the case, there will be much more effort and time needed in order to keep your wig in style. 

III. Human hair or human hair blend extensions?

Still considering trying on one human hair blend wig? Then try it only if you have never used a human hair wig before. As you can see, a human hair blend wig has advantages that can fascinate anyone who is used to using synthetic hair. It is more versatile, more natural than a synthetic hair wig, that’s for sure. But if you want a truly natural feel with smooth, soft, shiny hair, never compromise with anything but top quality human hair. Human hair wigs or human hair extensions can give you experiences you have never had before.

At Anka Hair, we provide human hair wigs and extensions that can satisfy all your needs for beautiful and natural hair that lasts longer and feels softer. With a variety of human hair extensions in length, color and customized service according to individual order requirements, Anka Hair is committed to bringing you high quality hair extensions at the most reasonable price so that you will never need to use any other synthetic hair or human hair blend extensions. Contact our team NOW for more details.