A common question of first-time hair extension buyers is whether human hair vs synthetic hair is good. Which kind of hair is suitable for you? To get ideas of pressing questions, our professional at Anka hair will break down everything of both types of hair for you. 

1. Definition of human hair vs synthetic hair

Human hair

human hair vs. synthetic hair

Human hair means 100% human hair, which isn’t mixed with any kind of synthetic hair or heat-resistant fibers. And they are hand-collected carefully to ensure there are no split ends. 

Since human hair is healthy and unprocessed hair, this one has already been natural, and healthy and does not require chemicals to make it shiny and soft. 

Synthetic hair 

human hair vs. synthetic hair

Synthetic hair extensions are man-made fibers by a specialized technique. With the leading technology, synthetic hair becomes remarkably authentic both in feeling and appearance. 

2. What are the differences?

human hair vs. synthetic hair
Human hair Synthetic hair
Texture Human hair feels exactly like natural hair, with remarkable softness, and natural shine. 
This hair is also less to tangle, but you should use comb hair to prevent shedding or tangling. 
Synthetic hair is pretty indistinguishable from the real thing. They give the same both feel and appearance compared to natural hair. When comparing synthetic hair without human hair you might not know which one is synthetic wigs. 
Length 6 – 40 Inches normally, but in Ankahair, we have 50 inches and even moreDepending on your demands
Style Human hair is easy to any style that you loveSynthetic hair extensions tend to be worn straight, and less ability to style. 
PriceHuman hair has the highest price in the market. Depending on the length, and color,… the price is different. For more details, contact us HEREThe price of synthetic hair ranges from $1 – $ 7/per piece.
Life span Human hair can last over 1 to 3 years with proper keeping. Synthetic hair that can use for 4 to 6 months if you wear it every day. 

3. How do I know human hair vs synthetic hair?

human hair vs. synthetic hair

Nowadays, with the advantage of technology, you might not know how to identify human hair with synthetic ones because they are exactly the same, not only touching to feel but also evaluating the appearance.

Therefore to differentiate, you can burn or test them at high temperatures, and observe their reaction to conclude which one is human hair or synthetic hair. 

For burning, human hair will turn into ashes and have the smell of feathers or barbecue. However, synthetic fibers will melt into hard solid instead of ashes and also smell strong chemicals.

For testing with high temperatures, you might need an iron flat. The synthetic fibers can take approximately 120 degrees Celsius. But human hair can withstand around 230 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if your wigs mix are mixed synthetic fibers, you will smell chemicals when heated. 

4. Which one is right for you?

human hair vs. synthetic hair

Your daily hair care routine, your liking or your desire will decide which one is the best for you. 

If you are looking for a hair extension that looks natural, can style any shape you want,  and can last for a long time, human hair is the wise option for you. Even it is pricey, it’s really worth to invest. 

If you are looking for a hair extension you can change your hairstyle or color every day without breaking your bank. Or you just want to know how amazing you are in different hair colors, take synthetic hair! 

5. Where can I buy the best hair extension? 

human hair vs. synthetic hair

After reading the article, you might have ideas about human hair and synthetic hair, and know how to identify them. But the question is how you can buy a quality human hair extension at a reasonable price. 

The best answer is find a reliable supplier such as Anka Hair to help you have shiny, soft and long-lasting hair to enhance your beauty. With our more than a decade of experience in wholesale human hair, we are proud to be the leading factory in the market that can provide tons of real high-quality human hair products without any kind of treatment per year for billions of people around the world. 

All our products are guaranteed no split ends, and the same direction from root to tip. Ankahair extension will take you beyond your expectations about hair extensions!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a big deal today! You can be supported by a professional team who can give you pictures or videos before you purchase. Follow Anka, follow your hair dream