Instead of waiting years to grow hair, hair extensions obviously are quick and easy methods to get the hair you have always wanted. There are a variety of different types of hair extensions available on the market today within their pros and cons that you need to consider before making a final decision. In the article below, we would like to tell how to pick the right hair extensions for you.

  1. What is hair extension?
how to pick the right hair extensions

Hair extensions are a form of real or synthetic hair that is closely attached to your scalp, to increase the length of hair, add volume to the hair or cover up a bad haircut. If choosing well-matched in color and texture, hair extensions mix with your hair, making it difficult to tell you’re wearing them.

  1. How to pick the right hair extensions for you

2.1 Hair quality 

First, ensure that the hair extensions you use are of good quality. It might be costly, but it will definitely last longer. We’ll help you to accurately identify the differences between natural hair types on the market.

Remy is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grows. This provides a natural look, feel and smooth texture comparable to your own hair.

But compared with Virgin hair, Remy hair is not appreciated for its quality. While remy hair can’t be bleached to 613 blond color, then Virgin can. Since the Virgin hair has been collected from a donor, this means when bleaching it give the same color between hairpiece.  

Meanwhile, Thin Baby is the most beautiful hair extension, it is the super soft unprocessed baby hair and can completely bleach the brightest colors like 60 and 613. This is a great option for clients who want to keep their length but add some texture to thinning areas. In general, fewer strands are used to outline the face and create a “fuller” look without the weight.

Here is some tips for testing hair quality, click for more.

2.2 Drawns volume

About the hair ends, we have Single Draw, Double Drawn and Super Double Drawn. In which, Double is the most popular tail length because it looks naturally thick and good value for money. 

Single is cheap but as the name says very thin. Super double is thick and beautiful but most expensive for long hair because it collects thick long hair from roots to the ends of the hair is very rare.

If you want to know more about which drawn is best for you, click here

2.3 Colors 

how to pick the right hair extensions

Besides, your hair extensions need to blend in with your natural hair. The most popular colors are black, brown, blonde, with burgundy (wine red), now there are many hairstyles that mix colors such as piano, ombre, balayage. It should be noted that blonde hair is extremely damaged and should not be wavy or curly because it is double damaged, flammable hair.

However, Ankahair with experience and a team of experts can confidently produce beautiful and quality wavy/curly blonde products that avoid maximum damage.

2.4 Hairstyles

how to pick the right hair extensions

Choosing the right type and texture of hair extensions can play an important role in your overall look.

There are 3 basic hairstyles: straight, wavy and curly. 

In straight there are types like bone straight, natural straight, kinky straight. Straight hair is easy to style and maintain. It also adds length and volume to real hair.

Wavy has body wavy, loose wavy, ocean wavy, deep wavy. You can also use a straightener or curling iron to create soft curves.

Curly has jerry curl, fumi curl, baby curl, rose curl, egg curl, pixie curl, burmese curl. Note that if you don’t take care of your tangled curls, it can end up dry and brittle. When this happens, your hair cuticle may be damaged.

2.5 Hair length

Your aim hair texture can decide how long or short your hair look. In simple terms, if it’s the same length, curly hair will look shorter than wavy hair and wavy hair will look shorter than straight hair. So please, check our image to choose the right length for you. 

how to pick the right hair extensions

Besides, you should also consider which hairstyle is suitable for your face. Remember that “There is no right or wrong answer to this question. All hair lengths pretty much suit any face shape to a degree. But it is worth thinking about the cut, the layering, the movement and the styling of your hair. If you were to be specific and opt for a length to really flatter your face shape and accentuate your features then these are the lengths that would suit you the best…,”

  1. Top popular hair extensions style for you 

3.1 Black bone straight

how to pick the right hair extensions

This hair is quite similar with your naturally straight hair, and suitable for women who seek the beauty of classy. 

Black bone straight requires a little or no styling making, they don’t tangle and stand firm most of the time. However, this kind of hair extension might not curl, they work well in naturally straight hair. 

3.2 Piano body wavy

how to pick the right hair extensions

Piano body wavy is easy to go with everyone ad suitable for most of occasions from events to casual outings such as coffee, movie, and picnic. 

The piano color usually combines with orange, blonde or wine. All three colors will give you a glamorous and beautiful look.

3.3 Brown pixie curl

how to pick the right hair extensions

Brown pixie curl is perfect for African women of all ages, as it is young, flexible style and go well with dark-tone skin. 

Pixie curl have made of heavily curl hair and reaches chin-length or shorter. With this extension, you always achieve the natural look without being afraid of going out of style. 

Hope that the above suggestions will guide you in choosing the right extension, which will look natural and blend in with your hair.

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