Have you ever wonder how celebrities can go from an on-trend pixie crop to long curly locks within one sleep? The answers all relate to clip-in extensions, wigs and hair pieces… Here we want to share some knowledge about hair extensions that can help you pick ones as per your requirements.

Human hair

First of all, should you choose hair extensions made from natural human hair or synthetic materials? You know hair extensions are an investment, the better quality you buy the longer they last and the more REAL they look. Human hair is the best choice for you to have natural locks. Especially, they just need to be treated like real hair does.

Contrary to synthetic hair, human hair can withstand any heat application such as hair dryer, straighteners. You can comfortably make a subtle curl or straighten your hair if you desire.

  • Here are some advantages of human hair you should know
  • Human hair can be colored, permed and styled just like your bio hair
  • It comes in a variety of textures and can exactly match your own hair’s texture
  • There are a many scalp options to get an extremely natural look
  • They last a long time with proper care: Expect your human hair toppers and wigs to last over a year
  • Human hair simply feels superb and looks incredibly natural

Comparing human hair and synthetic hair

Anka Hair commits to be a leading wholesales of 100% human hair in Vietnam with high-qualified hair extension products made from 100% Yaki hair or 100% Remy hair.

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Pick hair extensions that have the same color to your own hair

When purchasing hair extensions you want to get as close to your natural color as possible and the best quality of hair you can.

I think you should pick the color carefully. It is best to spend time on going shopping or to the salon during the day. Comparing hair color in the natural light is the only way to ensure you get the best possible match. In addition, you should trim a little bit to be able to blend in the extensions properly.

You should select hair extensions that have the same color to your own hair

Hair extensions: tape-in hair extensions

You know, nowadays, tape-in hair extension is valued as the most popular and best method in salons worldwide. Because this method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months. Moreover, you can reuse them if they is good-maintained. It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage. Therefore, we recommend you to apply tape-in hair extension to get beautiful locks you still wish.

Tape in hair extension method just takes less than an hour to apply an entire head

However, tape-in hair extensions still have some drawbacks. Firstly, these hair extensions are not exactly cheap. When going to a hair salon to get such a look, the installation can run up to $900. Secondly, they can take you  much more time to style your hair in front of mirror. Nevertheless, these problems are nothing if you really want to own shiny locks