Many diverse hair trends have emerged in the first few months of 2022. Hair changes appear to be top of mind, from red color and Y2K accessories to the soft-layered butterfly haircut and endless variations on the ’70s shag. Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of brand-new haircut trends to look forward to. This season, it’s all about ’90s-inspired layering, air-dried texture, and lots of fringes, and mushroom brown hair is one of the new trends you can’t miss. What is it, and why is it so popular? 

1. What makes mushroom brown hair on trend

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

You may have seen the mushroom brown hair trend being consumed on your Instagram feed, your Pinterest board, TikTok, etc. And if you haven’t seen it? It means you should update your must-try 2022 summer hair list right now. The word “mushroom” doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but it’s actually truly breathtaking. Imagine the color Ash brown hair, with mauve, taupe, and gray undertones, this combination will versatile your whole summer.

Mushroom brown hair derives its name from its resemblance to the appearance of natural brown mushrooms. If you imagine a portobello or other mushroom, you’ll notice that it comes in a variety of hues other than brown. Even when talking about brown mushrooms, it can have creamy colors, grays, and whites eventually. Many of these characteristics may be found in this hair, which has an earthy brown base color with ashy gray or creamy highlights to add dimension. The end result is subtle, beautiful, and straightforward.

This hair is an earthy tone that’s in the neutral-medium color family, there’s tons of room for dimension, like silvery highlights, balayages, and muted, ashy shades. “There’s more of a creamy khaki tone of mushroom and then a grayish silver mushroom.”  

Since mushroom brown hair is such a unique color, it is pretty hard to suit every face shape and skin undertone. 

2. The right definition of mushroom brown hair

2.1. What is mushroom hairstyle

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Mushroom brown hair color is any hair color from the brown palette that resembles the cap of the portobello mushroom. It is neutral or more on the cooler side and can incorporate some creamy or ashy tones.

2.2. Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Classic Color: This earthy hair color has an unbeatable cool and refreshing beauty. The placement of the light cool brown highlights humbly emerging from the roots and flourishing midshaft to ends enhances the richness of her mushroom brown hair color.

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

 Mauve Color: The icy-blue hues in this mushroom brown hair color have me completely smitten. Just a friendly reminder to double-check that you and your colorist are on the same page before she starts “cocktailing” your tones. “It’s critical to express that you want a combination of cold and warm tones, rather than a natural brown hue,” he says. “You won’t get the tailored undertone blend found in the mushroom brown hue from natural brown shades.” What’s the end result? This silvery mauve shade.

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Brunette Color: Mushroom highlights on brunette hair are incredibly eye-catching and striking. The faint mushroom brown highlights on the rich brunette hair give a complex color that is appealing. Her brunette hair has a lot of gloss thanks to the lighter-colored ends.

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Ash ‘n’ Chocolate: The allure of this ashy mushroom brown hair is amazing. The luminosity and dimension of the ashy highlights on the dark chocolate-brown base lend gracefulness to the flow of her wavy tresses. What a delightful way to flaunt your wavy hair.

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Soft Ombré Color: Clariss Rubenstein, a celebrity hairstylist, loves the mushroom brown hair trend because “brunettes have always been encouraged to add warm tones, such as chocolate, honey, and cinnamon to their hair, and this ashed-out tone is the exact opposite of that.” And we love everyone doing whatever TF they want (plus, who doesn’t want this buttery, mushroom ombré?).

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

3. Notices

Top 5 most charming mushroom brown hair colors

Mushroom brown hair is low-maintenance, but for a cool summer look, make sure you know how to care for it properly. Maintaining this hair will come naturally to persons who have already had their hair colored. Because of how natural the style seems, many people who are new to hair color may choose this as their first color. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your hair appearing fresh and natural:

  • Use the right hair care product. Normal shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t necessarily be used on color treated hair because it could affect how the color looks. Finding a hair care product to keep your new hair color alive and well should be your first priority. Remember to go for lukewarm temperatures when it’s time to wash your hair.
  • Rest your hair. Blow dryers and irons may be a regular part of your routine, but your hair needs a break once in a while. Too much exposure to direct heat can alter the color and impact the health of your hair. So try to enjoy one day each week free of the heat!

I hope that after reading this post, you will have a better understanding of the hairstyles that will be popular in 2022. A cool summer appearance that is also low maintenance will ensure that you have the finest summer ever. If you’re still undecided about this haircut, visit Anka Hair’s blog to learn more about the latest hair trends and pick the ideal option for you.