It sounds interesting when talking about Hair extensions and others Hair-related products because we, the people who sell, buy or use them, might not clearly know the meaning and specification of each product (Virgin Hair, Weft Hair, Bulk Hair, Lace Closure or Wig…)

Working in this Hair industry, the 500-billion-value market is definitely a big challenge for all.

You will not only have to tackle the battle of intensely high competitiveness, ambitious rivals and the craving of hungry buyers worldwide, who always source out around to get the lowest price and highest profit.

Obviously, please do not set high expectation on quality or services when you trace out an irrationally far lower than market price. Better understanding on your dealing products and its characteristics on standard to get easier access to the market and communication will be the first goal to conquer.

Now, we will discuss on Pure Virgin Hair, best Hair Extension products.

Virgin hair, the highest expense for great quality of premium choice

Virgin hair is defined thoroughly among hair buyers, traders and sellers to be chemically unprocessed human hair, which means they are originally collected from a single donor. The donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian – Places appear to be the most well-known for Hair Trade – or other Asians – Such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesia, Philippines….The virgin hair is technically remy hair (a more popular word than human hair or virgin hair) that has not been altered through dying, perming, bleaching, or harsh washing.

They are given a grade of AAA virgin hair, which is the highest quality hair on the market.

In short, we could imagine our world of Virgin Hair in a more simple way with few main points: Natural Hair, Unprocessed, One Donor, Highest quality.

Difference between remy and non-remy hair

Firstly, we have to look through what is non-remy hair.

It is apparently the antonyms of remy hair, which will not be taken from one donor with greatest quality.

Non-remy hair is actually the left over hair, which should be thrown away when gathering the remy hair or creating hair style in salon. They are, in most cases is collected from the floors of factory, temples (that why we call temple hair) and salons then recycled to make a weft.
(Read more about Weft Hair here)

That is the reason for its diversification of length, quality and directions because they are wrapped massively from abandon hairs. Because of the irregularity and heterogeneity, the hair perform far worse than Virgin Hair.

The hair cuticles are coped with various directions, which results the final products to tangle, shed and matte quite easily. The different length makes it harder to compile and compromise into specific range and the enormous amount of short hair (after doing haircut in salon) would wave the lack of longer hair products. Foremost, the hair quality strongly depends on its root – the people – and human are firmly not the same in hair texture, strength, color, quality, style… which would cause inconsistency of quality of a hair bundle due to it origins from varied donors.

Because sellers know this, they often dip the hair in a silicone coating to try to disguise the hair. This hair is often found in beauty supply stores and is less likely to be used for more than one installations.

Why Virgin Hair? Why not Virgin Hair?

Yes, it is the best quality product in Hair Trade Market, therefore, it will be also too costly for commercial use, especially we are facing the escalating of beauty demands.

Remy hair is picked up from the head of donors/producers carefully so as to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned and strictly separated from donors. By this method, the Hair will remain softer, silkier, and is mostly used in producing higher-quality hair wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces.

The Virgin Hair is perfect for bleaching to very light color as Blonde (Codes #613, #60) because they could preserve the natural beauty and color consistency. If non-remy hair is used instead, there will be remarkable defects that we could distinguish with our own eyes easily. They are not the same color everywhere, some will be darker while others could be brighter, due to the differences in hair compositions and texture from many donors.

However, Virgin Hair is quite expensive so it is commonly used for premium products, such as Hair wigs or High-standard Hair extensions.

Non-remy hair will be a saver choice for customers who want a darker color hair extensions (Brown, Dark Natural…). They are still 100% Human Hair so their texture, strength and quality are guaranteed to perform nicely on their hair. They will not break or bleak when applying with the original hair, can be washed, curled, dyed, flattened … to any hair styles.

Our solution for Hair Extensions with Pure Virgin Hairs

Our Pure Virgin Hairs are cuticle aligned hairs, no chemically processed, no dyed, no washed… or touched by any means. They are collected from one donor, kept unidirectional, same characteristics

It is ranging from 12 inches to 40 inches, to serve all demands by our customers. We also offer bulk hair and machine weft hair for Pure Virgin Hair at wholesale price.

For longer length than 40” or shorter than 12”, we can custom order the hair for you at very good deal.

The hair extensions can be dyed to different colors or styled (flat ironed, wavy, curly…), based on your requirements. If not, all hairs will stay in their natural color (normally dark natural)

LengthPrice (USD/KG)
InchcmBulk HairMachine Weft Hair

*** This is our listed price. If you want to order big volume, we are happy to give you discount or additional free products.

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