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You have got for yourself a completely new lace closure and you are feeling so excited to wear it. But when you put it on, you can see a lot of dark knots where each strand of hair is secured on your lace. So that’s what makes it looks not natural. Do you want to customize it? There is a suitable solution for this problem: bleaching the knots on your lace closure. Unless you don’t mind those black dots on your forehead, bleached knots are known for a way to make your lace closure look better. But is it a good idea?

1. What Is Bleaching Knots?

Bleach Knots On Lace Closure

Applying bleach to your lace closure is the definition of the bleaching knots process.   

When shielding your hair from the top using a lace closure, usually there is a dark knot where each strand of hair is fastened when it is tied to a lace base. “Bleaching the knots” is the process of making the lace closure appear more natural and obliterating these knots’ visibility. Since bleaching also involves lightening the knots, the hair will appear to be sprouting from your actual scalp.

2. Can I make the lace more natural without bleaching it?

Bleach Knots On Lace Closure

Yes you can.

There are some options for you: You can hide knots with concealer or using a silk base unit as these methods will still give you well covered at a certain level. Learn more about the difference between silk & lace closure in this post

3. Should I bleach these knots or not?

Bleach Knots On Lace Closure

3.1, The pros & cons of hiding knots by bleach

The appearance of the hairline can be improved by bleaching the knots on lace closures. It is beneficial to remove any color from your knots and to keep the curls close to your lace. By bleaching them, you give your lace a softer, more natural appearance that is closer to the skin that covers your head. 

However, This bleaching process could lead to the knots becoming dry and brittle over time, resulting in breakage and shedding of the hair. Sometimes the knots are bleached only at the hairline; however, some clients prefer the bleaching of ALL knots. Again, if done properly, it will look great, but the end result could be a shedding piece that will eventually become too thin to wear at a much faster rate than what is normal. If done improperly, the unit could end up with orange-tinged roots. Therefore, if you choose to bleach knots, you should consider this downside effect.

3.2, The pros & cons of hiding knots by concealer

There are two common methods of concealing knots with concealer. 

  • One is to make a desired part in the hair and use a sponge or finger to apply foundation there.
    The second method involves turning the cap inside out and liberally applying liquid or cream foundation so that it seeps through the cap and bleaches the knots.

This method takes time because it must be repeated every time the hair is washed. Additionally, until the process is mastered, either approach can be messy! To achieve the most natural results, you must select the concealer color that is best for you.

Hiding knots by using concealer takes a lot of time and effort since you need to choose the right shade, carefully apply & wash them stainless else they can cause bacterial on your closure. And the results sometimes aren’t worth the try.

3.3, The pros & cons of hiding knots by using silk base closure 

The most recent base material to enter the market is silk. The strands are injected into pure silk, then through lace. In contrast to thin skin, this material is 100% breathable and can also have invisible knot-free strands.

Additionally, silk base units are thicker than lace base units, and a client’s itchy scalp may not always respond to patting. People occasionally attempt to scratch through the unit, which is forbidden. 

Scratching on the unit’s top may leave very obvious bald spots. Additionally, silk base units cost a lot more money than lace base units.

Each method will have its pros and cons. You have to decide what’s best for you. We’re interested in what you think. How do you hide your knots? For the best hair online, visit our Shop here or receive support from our sale team.